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The HASS Requirement




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HASS Distribution Component

Credit by Petition or Transfer


The former HASS Education Office has been divided into two new offices. 

All matters previously handled by the HASS Office are now divided between two offices—the HASS Academic Administrator and the Office of the HASS Requirement—according to the chart below.



Office of the HASS Requirement           

HASS Academic Administrator

Patty Fernandes

Liz Friedman

Questions about:

  • The HASS Requirement
  • Concentrations
  • Petitions for substitutions within the HASS Requirement
  • Overlap between the HASS and Communication Requirements


Questions about:

  • HASS Minors
  • Major Departures / Interdisciplinary Majors
  • 21E/S Majors
  • HASS@Cambridge (CME)
  • General SHASS information
  • Advising for special concentrations