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Credit by Transfer or Petition


HASS Credit by Transfer

Credits transferred from other institutions, excluding AP credits and subjects not taken for a letter grade, may be applied toward the HASS Requirement as follows: nine or more units approved with the number of an MIT HASS Elective subject or approved as a block of HASS Elective units.

For questions about transferring credits, please contact the Transfer Credit Examiner (TCE) in the relevant HASS field. If you are unsure, the HASS Academic Administrator can help you determine the correct examiner. We suggest that you obtain unofficial written approval from the TCE before starting subjects elsewhere. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for transfer credit instructions and guidelines. Use the following links for information about transfer credit in these specific HASS fields:

Science, Technology and Society

Please note All transfer credit for HASS classes must be submitted through the HASS Academic Administrator, Liz Friedman, 4-240.

Bring your completed, signed, and approved transfer credit form to 4-240. This step must be completed after consulting the appropriate Transfer Credit Examiner, but before turning in any petitions for specific HASS or CI credit.

HASS Credit by Petition

For information about receiving HASS credit by petition, please visit the HASS Requirement website.