Latin American and Latino/a Studies Concentration

Fresco of musicians; Bonampak, Chiapas; Photo ©2004 Jacob Rus, licensed under Creative Commons 



The Latin American and Latino/a Studies concentration is designed for students interested in the language, history, politics and culture of Latin America and of Hispanics living in the U.S.

Concentration Requirements: Four subjects from the list below, including no more than two from a single discipline and no more than one focused on the Iberian Peninsula. (Please note that a student may choose not to take a subject focused on the Iberian Peninsula.) Also note that a minimum of three of the four subjects must be MIT subjects. Subjects are also available from Harvard University and Wellesley College through cross-registration. Students must receive permission from the concentration advisor before registering for a class at another institution.

A HASS Concentration may include only one subject that also counts toward the HASS Distribution Requirement. You may include more than one only if the additional subject will NOT count as a HASS Distribution subject in your degree audit.




3.982 The Ancient Andean World, HASS-S

3.983 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization, HASS-S

17.145 Political Economy of Technology and Development in Latin America, HASS-S, CI-H

17.55J Introduction to Latin American Studies [21A.130, 21G.084], HASS-S, CI-H

21A.506 The Anthropology of Politics, HASS-S

21H.171 Latin America: Revolution, Dictatorship, and Democracy, 1850 to Present, HASS-H

21H.273 From Coca to Cocaine: Drug Economies in Latin America, HASS-H




21G.070 Latin America and the Global Sixties: Counterculture and Revolution, HASS-H, CI-H

21G.074 Topics in Portuguese Popular Culture, HASS-H

21G.701 Spanish I, HASS-H

21G.702 Spanish II, HASS-H

21G.703 Spanish III, HASS-H

21G.704 Spanish IV, HASS-H

21G.711 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition: Perspectives on Technology and Culture, HASS-H

21G.712 Spanish Conversation and Composition, HASS-H

21G.713 Advanced Communication in Spanish: Film, Visual Arts, and Fiction, HASS-H

21G.714 Spanish for Bilingual Students, HASS-H

21G.735 Advanced Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film, HASS-H

21G.801 Portuguese I, HASS-H

21G.802 Portuguese II, HASS-H

21G.803 Portuguese III, HASS-H

21G.804 Portuguese IV, HASS-H

21G.820 Topics in Modern Portuguese Literature and Culture, HASS-H

21G.880 Accelerated Introductory Portuguese for Spanish Speakers, HASS-H

21L.019 Introduction to European and Latin American Fiction, HASS-H, CI-H

21L.616J Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Film [21G.716], HASS-H

21L.617J Introduction to Spanish Culture [21G.717], HASS-H

21L.638J Literature and Social Conflict: Perspectives on Modern Spain [21G.738], HASS-H

21L.639J Globalization and its Discontents: Spanish-speaking Nations [21G.739], HASS-H

21L.640J The New Spain: 1977 – Present [21G.740], HASS-H


This list is not exhaustive. Relevant subjects that are no longer offered and subjects with variable topics (such as “special subjects” or “selected topics” courses, for example) may also be counted at the discretion of the concentration advisor.

[ ] Jointly listed subjects


Additional information may be obtained from the Concentration Advisor:
Professor Ben Schneider, E53-423, x3-7207
Or from the SHASS Academic Administrator,
Andrea Wirth, 4-240, x3-4441