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Finding answers to your HASS questions 


We are here to help. 

We’re happy to answer all your questions about undergraduate HASS studies, including how to navigate the SHASS offerings, how to minor in HASS, how to do a 21E or 21S joint degree, or a Course 21 (Humanities) major departure, and anything else you need to know about HASS. Please note that the HASS Academic Administrator does not handle Admissions or Graduate Studies. 

Contact Liz Friedman, the HASS Academic Administrator 
(aka the HASS Oracle)  

Phone: (617) 253-4441

Visit: 4-240A. Regular office hours are M-F, 10AM-12PM and 2-5PM.
Feel free to set up an appointment, or just come by the office.

The Oracle is in — 10am-12pm, 2-5pm

Additional Sources of Information

Contacts for the HASS Field Offices

For questions regarding the HASS Requirement,
contact Patty Fernandes, Advisor 
Communication and HASS Requirements
Phone: 617-523--2313
Location: 5-133