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Kelly Douglas Award Recipients
Essay Prize, Undergraduate Traveling Fellowships, IAP Travel Awards

San Diego fireworks; photocredit Quadell, 2004; Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Kelly-Douglas Essay Prize 




  • Leonid Grinberg (Electric Engineering and Computer Science, 2014) awarded $800 for "Fumbling the 'Torch of Civilization': MIT and the Tragedy of Aaron Swartz"


  • Natasha Balwit (Urban Studies and Planning, 2016) awarded $400 for "Sufi Road: Voices of Torreon"





  • Alicia Singham Goodwin (Mathematics / Women's and Gender Studies, 2014) awarded $800 for "The Stifled History of the Feminist Porn Debates"

  • Michelle Dion (Chemical Engineering, 2013) awarded $800 for "Breaching the Limits of Human Knowledge: The Intertextual Connections between Melville's Moby-Dick and Emerson's Nature"


  • Caitlin Mackey (Mechanical Engineering, 2015) awarded $400 for "MIT on Strike: The March 4th Demonstration"



  • Xenia Antipova (Mechanical Engineering, 2013) awarded $800 for "Bonfield's Disregard for Justice: The Haymarket Riot"



  • Emma Rosen (Economics, 2011): awarded $800 for "The Revolution Stops Here: Shay's' Rebellion"





  • Sam Kronick (Architecture, 2010): awarded $800 for "Air conditioning: A Conflict of Environmental Control"
  • Matt Lord (Literature / Mathematics, 2010): awarded $800 for "Between Delight and Sacrifice: the Problem of Language in the Poetry of George Herbert"


  • Praveen Rathinavelu (Literature / Mathematics, 2010): awarded $400 for "Aesthetic Self-Fashoning: Sugary Nymphets, Lechers, and Lovers in Lolita"
  • Anna Waldman-Brown (Writing / Physics, 2011): awarded $400 for "Unpredictability of Determinism: Scientific Contradictions in Arcadia and Hapgood"




  • Cristen Blair Chinea (Course 4, 2010) for “From the First Maps to Today's Maps.”

The Committee for this year consisted of Professors Chris Capozzola (History), Michael Cuthbert (Music) and Sandy Alexandre (Literature).


Kelly Douglas Undergraduate Traveling Fellowship


IAP 2013-2014 


  • Sherry Fu (Course 6, 2014): Improve data management systems within the leading HIV healthcare organization in Togo
  • Han Beal Jang (Course 6, 2014): Attend MIT's 2014 IAP-in-Ancient & Medieval Italy program
  • Yuxin Jing(Course 6, 2015): Travel to Italy to learn about Roman, Greek and medieval archaelogy and history
  • Ambika Krishnamachar (Course 6, 2015): Assist with conducting and evaluating an educational program on the risk of HIV/AIDS in Botswana
  • Guillaume Kugener (Course 6, 2015): Travel to Togo to work on a project to implement a mobile health interface in an HIV clinic
  • Jiahao Liang (Course 9, 2014): Attend MIT's 2014 IAP-in-Ancient & Medieval Italy program
  • Tiandra Ray (Course 4, 2015): To design and build library/community center in Makuleke, South Africa and Gwelutshena, Zimbabwe
  • Sresht Rengesh (Course 6 and 3, 2015): Travel to Madrid to partipicate in the IAP Madrid Program (Spanish II)
  • Amy Riley (Course 6, 2014): Attend MIT's 2014 IAP-in-Ancient & Medieval Italy program
  • Tasha Schoenstein (Course 18, 2016): Travel to Florence to take an intensive 3 week art history course called Art in Context
  • Shruti Sharma (Course 3, 2015): Travel to Madrid to partipicate in the IAP Madrid Program (Spanish II)
  • Alicia Singham Goodwin (Course 18 and WGS, 2014): Travel to Kara, Togo to implement sustainable computer literacy training for an HIV clinic



IAP 2012-2013 


  • Adwoa Boakye (Course 6.2, 2013): To work with Professor Aleta Hayes and dancer Katharine Hawthorne at Stanford University on performance and a collaborative paper
  • Amita Gupta (Course 10B, 2015): Will study Spanish II over IAP in Madrid
  • Christian Londoño (Course 6, 2014): To take an arts, history, and cultures course with Wellesley in Barcelona
  • Victoria McCrave (Course 16, 2014): To travel to Italy as part of IAP History program
  • Emily Perritt (Course 7, 2014): Travel with MIT History's ancient and medieval studies to Italy to experience Greek, Roman, and Medieval archeology
  • Elizabeth Shanahan (Course 7, 2015): Humanitarian trip to Kara, Togo to implement computer literacy training in clinics in an HIV positive community
  • Alexandra Wassenberg (Course 16, 2014): To study Greek, Roman, and Medieval architecture, urban development, society, and politics in Italy
  • Yiliu Zhang (Course 17, 2013): To study cities in ancient and medieval Italy in terms of their political development 


IAP 2011-2012


  • Hamsika Chandrasekar (Course 9, Course 6-7, 2013): Provide infant mortality prevention to nurses and doctors at the Shamiaji Tribal Hospital in Gujurat, India
  • Deborah Hanus (Course 6, 2012): To travel to Cambodia to implement a series of workshops teaching women iterative design and critical thinking via engineering
  • Danny Katz (Course 5, Course 15, 2012): To study Spanish as part of the IAP-Madrid Program
  • Laura Stilwell (Course 20, 2014): To study Spanish II in Madrid as part of the IAP-Madrid program
  • Meng Heng Touch (Course 8, Course 16, 2012): To travel to Cambodia with the D-lab Cambodia team to develop and bring new technologies to small communities on the floating village.   


Spring 2011


  • Linda Chen (Physics and Philosophy, 2012): For ancient Greek philosophy study abroad program in Turkey
  • Kayla Meduna (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science / Materials Science & Engineering, 2013): Intermediate Czech language study and culture course in Prague
  • Meng Heng Touch (Physics / Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2012): To execute a photography project of European architecture
  • Aditi Verma (Nuclear Engineering, 2012): Self Study of French 3 through Traveling and Cultural Immersion
  • Evelyn Wang (Biology, 2012): Internship at Shanghai Children's Medical Center


Fall 2010


  • Stacey Allen (Economics, 2011): IAP Madrid program to study Spanish
  • Xenia Antipova (Architecture, 2013): To assist the resource and advertising of Habitat para la Humanidad Columbia and attend Spanish language classes
  • Kimee Boonbanjerdsri (Architecture, 2012): The "Veneto Experience" Architectural Study in Venice Italy
  • Corinne Carland (Chemical Engineering, 2013): Travel to Madrid to participate in an intensive lauguage course
  • Dorota Chapko (Brain & Cognitive Science / Anthropology, 2012): To work in Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center
  • Lila Fridley (Chemical Engineering, 2013): To attend intensive Spanish language classes and immersion in Madrid
  • Dora Gao (Physics, 2011): Spend eight days in Rome studying Augustan Propaganda for senior thesis research
  • Carolyne Gathinji (Economics, 2011): IAP Madrid to study Spanish II
  • Bethany Patten (Architecture, 2011): Working with children in rural Guatemala through arts education
  • Nathan Robert (Mechanical Engineering, 2013): IAP Madrid to study Spanish II
  • Melissa Showers (Mechanical Engineering, 2013): Travel to Rome to experience ancient and modern Italian culture
  • Christopher Su (History / Biology, 2011): To investigate the role of educational programs in WWII Japanese-American internment centers
  • Anna Waldman-Brown (Physics/W&HS, 2011): To explore Icelandic culture for thesis


Fall 2009


  • Biafra Ahanonu (Brain & Cognitive Science, 2012): To study Spanish II in Madrid through the IAP-Madrid Program
  • Jeremiah Edwards (Mathematics, 2010): To study Spanish II in Madrid through the IAP-Madrid Program
  • Styliani Gaitani (Mathematics, 2010): Attend production week of "Puntilla and His Man Matti" at the Theatre Augsburg in Germany
  • Alina Griner (Economics, 2010): Attend production week of "Puntilla and His Man Matti" at the Theatre Augsburg in Germany
  • Rebecca Heywood (Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2012): To participate in a joint course on Energy, Water, and the Environment in Brazil
  • Seohyung Kim (Literature / Mathematics, 2010): Travel to South Korea for study of Korean poetry and translation
  • Irene Lee (Management, 2010): Travel to Taiwan in order to document the experiences of Chinese civil war veterans who fled from China to Taiwan for political asylum
  • Leah Nation (Materials Science and Engineering, 2011): Travel to Ghana to test ceramic water filters and perform training sessions
  • Alice Nawfal (Economics / Mathematics, 2011): To study Spanish II in Madrid through the IAP-Madrid Program
  • Robert Slater (Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2011): To study Spanish II in Madrid through the IAP-Madrid Program
  • Praveen Subramani (Urban Studies and Planning, 2010): To research the potentiality of new mobility systems to improve the quality of life of migrant workers in Dubai
  • Mahesh K. Vidula (Biological Engineering, 2011): To develop culturally-sensative cardiovascular health education in Shamirpet, India


Fall 2008


  • Jose Barcena (Course 3, 2010): To participate in a German Language course at the Freie Universität, Berlin
  • Jodie-Marie Fernandes (Course 6, 2009): To attend a programme for classical musicians at Peppardine University
  • Brooke Jarrett (Course 1A, 2010): To work with Adam Talsma on a collaborative project
  • Diana Jue (Course 11, 2009): For travel to China to work with the Nest of Hope Foundation's orphanage & vocational school
  • Seohyung Kim (Courses 21L and 18, 2010): For travel to London to work with the literary arts community outreach program "Spread the Word"
  • Amy Leung (Course 10, 2010): To travel to China for the Synergy Programme's Silk Road Tour and reunion conference
  • Yusing Li (Course4, 2010) and James Ira Winder (Course 4, 2010): For travel to northern Italy with the Veneto experience program, and explore the architecture of Carlo Scarpa
  • Christie Lin (Course 22, 2011): To understand the culture of Texas through culinary investigation
  • Richard Prevost (Course 10, 2011): To travel with the Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Company dance company in Peru
  • Sukrit Ranjan (Course 8, 2010): To participate in an archaeological dig in Mozia, Italy
  • Adam Talsma (Course 1, 2010): To make a documentary on the experiences of a disaster stricken region of Peru
  • Jingwen Tao (Course 15, 2009): To participate in the Hong Kong University Summer Program "Asia as the Global Future"
  • Elizabeth Theurer (Course 2 and 18): To research optimizing factories for recycling electronic waste in the United States and Chile

Recipients of IAP Travel Awards


  • Priscilla Army (Course 21H, 2010): For travel to Germany for research on History thesis
  • Sam Hollander (Course 21H and 1, 2009): Co-conduct undergraduate history thesis research at the National Museum of Sweden
  • Nicole Koulisis (Course 21F and 7, 2009): To assist in setting up a clean water dam system in 2 villages in Ecuador
  • Srinwasan Mani (Course 21M, 2010) and John Murphy (Course 4, 2010): to conduct a feasibility study for an after school youth music education program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Sophia Mian (Course 20, 2010): to work with community members in Makuleke, South Africa, to learn about existing perceptions about eye care.
  • Joanna Rodriguez-Noyola (Course 4, 2009): To travel to Lunsar, Sierra Leone to assist with the construction of an elementary school