Coming in 2021

Welcome to the TOUR de SHASS 2021

At next year's virtual TOUR de SHASS
Meet MIT professors in the humanities, arts, and social science fields,
Tour MIT's world-class humanistic disciplines, and
Discover how to be your whole self at MIT. 

Meanwhile, take the TOUR de SHASS online. 

And download the SHASSPORT
Your passport to MIT's humanistic fields.






Pro Tips for the forthcoming 2021 Virtual TOUR de SHASS

Circulate! Browse the booths to explore fields and meet professors.

Check the chat box for live links and collect download goodies.
Activate your camera if you wish so we can see your smiling face.
Feel free to type a question in Chat, or unmute to ask a question.  
Answer polls about follow-up interests.
Note that sessions will not be recorded.