Coming in the Spring 2022 Term

Welcome to the TOUR de SHASS

At the next in-person TOUR de SHASS
Meet MIT professors in the humanities, arts, and social science fields,
Tour MIT's world-class humanistic disciplines, and
Discover how to be your whole self at MIT. 

The next in-person TOUR de SHASS will take place in the Spring 2022 term, with the date to be determined. 

You'll be given a printed SHASSport booklet to help guide you through the various booths and to give useful information — including contact information for further questions — about the many fields within the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. 

Meanwhile, take the TOUR de SHASS online. 


Pro Tips for the forthcoming Spring 2022 TOUR de SHASS

Circulate! Browse the booths to explore fields and meet professors.

Consult your SHASSport for fields of study and more details about each section.
Get stamps from different SHASS booths to win a free t-shirt!
Don't forget to collect bags, stickers, notebooks, and other prizes as you visit booths.