Voting by Mail is honest and fair — and essential for safe 2020 elections

Mail ballots are essential for holding a safe election amid Covid-19, and security concerns can be easily addressed.

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"If we are to have safe, healthy, and fair elections this year in the face one of the worst pandemics in a century, Americans must make widespread use of mail ballots. Election administrators and other leaders from across the political spectrum have urged support to make the necessary adjustments to their election infrastructure. They recognize we have no choice. Most Americans, including a majority of Republicans, agree."

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Voting by mail is safe, honest, and fair: Charles Stewart III at The Hill
Claims by some politicians that voting by mail would lead to massive voter fraud are simply not true. Among all the states that already use vote-by-mail, the instances of a fraudulent mail-in ballot are about one case per state every six or seven years. Nor does voting by mail help either party more.

Story: Voting by mail does not favor either party | 538
The evidence: "Voting by mail doesn’t provide any clear partisan advantage. As states have expanded their use of mailed ballots—including the 5 states that conduct all-mail elections by default—both parties have enjoyed a small but equal increase in turnout."

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