Kara Wahnschafft | Economics and Mechanical Engineering Evidence-based methods for tackling social challenges

Kara Wahnschafft '22; photo by Adam Glanzman

"Especially in our polarized country, and especially on issues like climate that are so cross-cutting, we need to open up conversations to reach some mutual understanding.”

— Webinar Series, MIT Asian Pacific American Resource Group '22

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Wahnschafft is a junior studying both mechanical engineering and economics. In her career, she aims to help solve what she deems the greatest global challenge of our time: the climate crisis. In learning about and working on the energy transition, Wahnschafft often finds herself leveraging her two disciplines together. For example, she notes, “if we’re proposing the installation of heat pumps, it’s helpful to understand both the technical justification for their energy efficiency and the economic policies required for their widescale adoption.”

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Gallery | Meet the MIT Bilinguals