De Florez Fund for Humor | Information and Application Form 


We're glad you're interested in creating a de Florez funded project. This page gives all the information you need to apply, as well as a link to the online Application Form, and contact information should you have questions or want to discuss your project before applying.  

Application Form
To apply, first read the guidelines on this page, then fill out the online application form.  

Applications for Spring 2022 projects or very early Fall 2022 projects involving grants larger than $750 must be received by Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 5:00pm

What does the Fund fund?  
The de Florez Fund for Humor was created in 1988 by MIT alumnus Peter de Florez '38. Taking its mission from the language of the founding charter, the Fund supports "means of impressing students with the importance of humor in all aspects of life, both personal and business.”

Funded projects are to be “contributions to innocent humor at MIT, including activities that do not involve risk of damage to persons or property, or embarrassment to others.”  The Fund Committee thus welcomes and considers a wide range of proposals—from groups and individuals—to support such projects as: events, performances, films and other creative media works, lectures, workshops, curriculum development, class trips, and even (humorous) scholarly conferences.  

Who may apply

All members of the MIT community—students, instructors, and staff—may apply as long as the activities reach a student audience. Student-led undertakings receive preference, as will proposals that show a funding partnership.

The content you'll need for the online application 

Brief (1-2 page) description of the project or event and its humorous goals and impact on the MIT community
Budget showing total cost
Listing of other sources of funding requested and secured

Selection process | awarding of funds 

Applications are evaluated by the faculty and student members of the de Florez Humor Fund Committee. Funding decisions will be made approximately two weeks following the application deadline. If an award is made, disbursement of the award will take place within 10 days of the decision announcement. Awarded funds can only be transferred to a valid cost object in the MIT accounting system. Funds cannot be disbursed in the form of cash or a personal check. Applicants are responsible for providing the cost object. For more information contact Ana Ludwig in the Office of the Dean.

A few modest requirements

In accepting funding, successful applicants agree to: 
1) Keep events and projects within the fund's guidelines of "innocent humor."
2) Use funding only for activities that do not involve risk of damage to persons or property, or embarrassment to others.
3) Acknowledge the de Florez Fund support in any publicity for the event (the committee will provide a file with the de Florez Humor Fund name and symbol for use on brochures, posters, etc.)
4) Provide a brief report on how you spent the funds—and whether you had any fun doing so. 

Questions and Contact 
If you have questions about the fund, or would like to discuss an idea, send us an email at

Applyand good luck!  
Online application form



Typical application cycle 
Note: For the Summer 2021 term, all proposals for grants will be considered on a rolling basis. In a typical application cycle, proposals for small grants (under $750) are considered on a rolling basis, throughout the year. Proposals for larger amounts are accepted once a semester, in fall and spring of each academic year, generally the third Sunday of each semester.  Events must take place a minimum of three weeks after the application deadline. (Applications for events that take place prior to this date must be submitted the previous semester.)