SHASS Faculty Travel Fund

All tenure-track and tenured faculty members are eligible for reimbursement for travel expenses related to one conference per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). Visiting faculty members are not eligible.

Below are the guidelines:

1. The conference must be sponsored by a professional society.

2. The faculty member must be involved in a professional activity at the conference (e.g., presenting a paper, chairing a panel, or attending a meeting of a subcommittee of the professional society).

3. Prior approval must be obtained from the faculty member’s department headquarters (either the department head or administrative officer). Departments then forward approved requests to the Dean’s office.

4. Retroactive approval for travel expenses is not allowed.

5. Unused trips in given years cannot be “carried forward” to subsequent years.

Reimbursement is available up to $1,000 toward airfare/transportation expenses, lodging, and meals. If a trip includes an additional stop for purposes other than the conference and the cost of the airfare is increased because of this, the traveler will be expected to cover the difference in airfare from another source.

To apply for Faculty Travel support:

1. The faculty member must fill out the SHASS Faculty Travel Request Form, describing the conference and the nature of his/her participation, and indicating the name of the professional society sponsoring the conference.

2. The request form must be submitted to department headquarters for approval and then forwarded to the Financial Assistant in the Dean’s office. A signed copy of the request form will be returned to the traveler and to the administrative officer.

If travel arrangements are made through an MIT partner travel agency airline tickets may be charged directly to the SHASS Faculty Travel fund (account 1485500), after the trip has been approved by the department and the Dean’s office.

Upon completion of the trip, a travel voucher must be completed through the MIT concur travel system. If there are expenses on the voucher that will not be covered by the SHASS Faculty Travel Fund, additional account numbers should be provided with appropriate amounts to be charged.