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Undergraduate Studies


All MIT undergrads are SHASS students


The MIT SHASS disciplines are central to the Institute's mission to provide all MIT undergraduates with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives to make lasting contributions to the nation and the world.

All MIT undergraduates spend substantial time on subjects like literature, languages, economics, music, and history. In fact, every MIT undergraduate takes a minimum of eight such classes — nearly 25% of the total class time. 

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Information and assistance

Matters formerly handled by the HASS Office are now divided between two offices: the HASS Academic Administrator (4-240), and the Office of the HASS Requirement (35-433) according to the list below:

HASS Academic Administrator

Liz Friedman | 4-240 | x3-4441

For questions about:
•    HASS Minors
•    Major Departures / Interdisciplinary Majors
•    21E/S Majors
•    HASS@Cambridge (CME)
•    General SHASS information
•    Advising for special concentrations


Office of the HASS Requirement

Patty Fernandes | 35-433 | x3-2313

For questions about:
•    The HASS Requirement
•    Concentrations
•    Petitions for substitutions within
      the HASS Requirement
•    Overlap between the HASS and
      Communication Requirements

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