The Dean's Office Conference Rooms



Four rooms on campus
The Dean's Office keeps the calendar for four rooms on campus — E51-095, E51-27514E-304, and 14N-417.

How to reserve
To reserve a time for one of these spaces, first check the availability of the room you would like to reserve. If the space is available, email a completed reservation form (choose a version, Word Document or PDF) to Robin Palazzolo — A reservation cannot be confirmed until this form is received. You will then be sent an email confirmation from Robin Palazzolo under the address, Please then accept the invitation to confirm that all the details of your reservation are correct. 

To cancel a reservation, please email Robin Palazzolo as soon as possible, so that the room can be made available to others.

Please note that the Dean's Office Conference Rooms are not scheduled for regular course meetings. Standing reservations should first be approved by the Dean's Office.

The conference rooms are available in the evening however, please note that reservations which end after 5 pm must be cleaned up immediately and not the following morning.

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 Please pick up the code from CMS/W Staff in 14E-303.
How many? 10 – around conference table
30 – with extra chairs and couches
Furniture 2 - 6ft. tables
2 - couches and coffee tables
4 - easy chairs
A/V equip projector and screen
Extras dry board, kitchen
Schedule Room 14E-304












Please pick up the code from Literature Staff in 14N-407.
How many? 10 – around conference table
14 – total
Furniture 5 – 60 in. wide x 24 in. deep tables
4 – additional chairs
A/V equip digital display
Extras chalkboard
Schedule Room 14N-417