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Undergrads, take a virtual tour of MIT's Humanities, Arts, and Social Science fields. Discover which options are the most meaningful for your goals.

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Left to right: Paulo Lozano, Agustín Rayo, and Griselda Gómez celebrate 20 years of MIT-Mexico with MIT alumni in Mexico City.

MIT-Mexico Program fosters cross-border collaboration

For two decades, MIT-Mexico has funded student internships and teaching, as well as faculty research collaborations.

The Chuquicamata copper mine in the north of Chile.

Understanding the impacts of mining on local environments and communities  

Extractive industries threaten water, glaciers, and livelihoods, but new research offers hope.

The 2024 MacVicar Faculty Fellows are (clockwise from top left): Emily Richmond Pollock, Karl Berggren, Andrea Campbell, and Vinod Vaikuntanathan.

2024 MacVicar Faculty Fellows named   

Professors Berggren, Campbell, Pollock, and Vaikuntanathan are honored for exceptional undergraduate teaching.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Thirty-five outstanding MIT students selected as Burchard Scholars for 2024

Undergraduates selected for the competitive program enjoy a seminar series and conversations over dinners with distinguished faculty.

How to avoid a “winner’s curse” for social programs

When interventions or policies perform well in studies, they may disappoint later on. An MIT economist’s tools can help planners recognize this trap.

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