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On the left, MIT philosopher Alex Byrne leans on a wall looking out of a window. On the right is the cover of his book "Trouble with Gender".

An MIT philosopher’s call for a civil discussion on gender and sex

In “Trouble with Gender: Sex Facts, Gender Fictions,” MIT Professor Alex Byrne argues for a return to a more inclusive brand of philosophical inquiry.

Two of MIT’s student delegates at COP28: Runako Gentles (left), an undergraduate in civil and environmental engineering (CEE), and Shiv Bhakta (right), a graduate student in the Leaders for Global Operations dual degree program within the MIT Sloan School of Management and CEE.

Reflecting on COP28 — and humanity’s progress toward meeting global climate goals

MIT delegates share observations and insights from the largest-ever UN climate conference.

How to avoid a “winner’s curse” for social programs

When interventions or policies perform well in studies, they may disappoint later on. An MIT economist’s tools can help planners recognize this trap.

Paul Roquet (left) is a professor in MIT's Comparative Media Studies/Writing program. Per Urlaub is the director of MIT's Global Languages program.

Projects investigating Swahili, global media win SHASS Humanities Awards  

The awards offer opportunities to expand research into unique areas of scholarship.

MIT PhD student Fatima Husain stands beside equipment in a laboratory. She's wearing a black jacket, black pants, and a maroon shirt

Unlocking history with geology and genetics

PhD student Fatima Husain investigates the co-evolution of life and Earth and works to communicate science to the public.

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