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Ready for the rest of your life? Investigate graduate study in MIT's Humanities, Arts, and Social Science fields. Turn your big ideas into action.

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Undergrads, take a virtual tour of MIT's Humanities, Arts, and Social Science fields. Discover which options are the most meaningful for your goals.

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Malick Ghachem, professor of history and head of MIT's history faculty, speaks during a question-and-answer session after his lecture, "Neutrality, Diversity, and the University."

Judgment, reason, and the university  

MIT’s Malick Ghachem extends the “Dialogues across Differences” lecture series with a talk about the past and present of university politics.

MIT senior Joshua Kuffour sits on stairs. He's wearing a newsboy cap, yellow shirt, and white pants. He's smiling and wearing black glasses with rectangular lenses.

The power of knowledge  

Senior Joshua Kuffour has set a goal of taking classes in as many departments as he can before he graduates.

Benjamin Lou, Martin Beraja, and Margery Resnick talk during the Burchard Scholars dinner

Burchard Scholars gather to network, connect, and learn

The Burchard Scholars dinner series helps create conversations between academic disciplines.

(from left) Steve Koonin, Kerry Emanuel, and moderator Brad Skow sit at a table during a climate change discussion. There are bottles of water on the table.

A civil discourse on climate change

The forum is the first in a series planned at MIT this year, part of an initiative meant to encourage the open exchange of ideas.

Celebrating diversity and cultural connections

At a “Heritage Meets Heritage” event, MIT students enjoy conversations, trivia, and delicacies from around the world.

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