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Undergrads, take a virtual tour of MIT's Humanities, Arts, and Social Science fields. Discover which options are the most meaningful for your goals.

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Music Tech at the Voxel Lab

Music Technology at MIT blends creativity, engineering, and musical practice. The Voxel Lab gives students a space to build entirely new ways of making sound or hack existing methods in novel ways.

Graduate Student Profile

Rani Ukhengching Marma is a student in the MIT Indigenous Language Initiative, a two-year master's program

Curiosity Unbounded

MIT President Sally Kornbluth talks with Mai Hassan, a newly-tenured associate professor of political science

The philosophical side of cinema

MIT students examine movies, art, and ethics from both the producer and audience perspectives

A new vision for U.S. health care 

In her latest book, “We've Got You Covered,” MIT economist Amy Finkelstein prescribes a complete overhaul of our health insurance system

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