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Basic research in the humanities, arts, and social science fields is the engine for the School's capacity to effect positive change around the globe. The School is home to research that has a global impact, and to graduate programs recognized as among the finest in the world.

With 13 academic fields, the school's research portfolio includes international studies, linguistics, comparative media studies, economics, poverty alleviation, literature, anthropology, digital humanities, philosophy, global studies and languages, music and theater arts, writing, political science, security studies, women's and gender studies, and history.

MIT's SHASS research helps alleviate poverty; safeguard elections; steer economies; understand the past and present; assess the impact of new technologies; understand human language; create new forms at the juncture of art and science; and inform policy and cultural mores on issues including justice, healthcare, energy, climate, education, work and manufacturing, inclusion, and economic equity.

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