Institute Professor Marcus Thompson and Yukiko Ueno Egozy during an Emerson Scholars performance


Guide to SHASS Faculty Experts

This guide provides a listing of SHASS faculty by areas of expertise, along with contact information. The guide also gives links to the faculty listing sections on the websites of each of the SHASS academic areas.

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Faculty Composition

179  Full-time Faculty
6  Institute Professors (4 Emeriti)
1  Adjunct Professor
2  Professors of the Practice
11  Visiting Professors
18  Senior Lecturers
115  Lecturers
9  Technical Instructors
57  Emeriti Faculty
55  Women Faculty
36  Minority Faculty
71  Endowed Chairs



Summary of Key Awards

8  Nobel laureates (6 current faculty)
7  MacArthur Prize winners
5  Pulitzer Prize winners
2  National Medal of Science winners
13  National Academy of Science Fellows
57  American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows
40  Guggenheim Fellowships
6  John Bates Clark medalists



Faculty Awards and Honors


Gallery of Nobel laureates

Gallery of Pulitzer Prize recipients

Gallery of MacVicar Faculty Fellows

Gallery of Levitan Teaching Award recipients

Endowed Chairs

Awards by Year


Rotating image from the Gallery of SHASS Faculty

History faculty

MIT historians at the SHASS Commencement reception, 2016: Jeffrey Ravel (Head), Christopher Leighton, Anne McCants, and Craig Steven Wilder