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The Ethics of Computing and Artificial Intelligence

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Addressing the Ethical and Social Dimensions of Computing and AI
The goals of the new MIT Shwarzman College of Computing include:

• Fostering breakthroughs in computing and artificial intelligence — informed by the wisdom of other disciplines;
• Delivering the power of AI tools to researchers in every field at MIT; and
• Advancing research and education in public policy and ethical considerations to help ensure that new technologies are conceived and implemented in support of the greater good.

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The SHASS leadership and faculty are engaged in the mission of the college of computing. We will very much welcome your ideas about the work of the college — in particular ideas about how MIT's humanities, arts, and social science fields can help inform the design of computing and AI tools; benefit from such tools in research and teaching; and help advance public policy and ethical safeguards for new computing and AI tools. Contributions can be anonymous, and will be shared only with your permission.

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