Infinite Mile Award Recipients | 2019

Dean Melissa Nobles presents the 2019 Infinite Mile Awards; photo by Jon Sachs

Melissa Nobles, Kenan Sahin Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), has announced the seven winners of the 2019 MIT SHASS Infinite Mile Awards. The awards, presented each year at a festive luncheon, salute members of the SHASS staff who have made exceptional contributions to their academic units, the School, and the Institute.

Warmest congratulations to the 2019 recipients!


Victor Belanger Music and Theater Arts

“Victor is a great support for us, often unnoticed because he works alone when we are not around. In fact, we would notice his absence more than we sometimes do his presence, as the pianos would be out of tune and dysfunctional, the harpsichords would be in bad repair and out of tune, and we would not know the right folks to call if, for example, a pipe broke above an instrument and flooded it completely. Victor is quickly responsive, clearly cares for the instruments, for the faculty, for the support staff, and for the students.”


Mala Ghosh, Madeline Smith, and Maria Segala | Center for International Studies

“As a program serving over 1,000 MIT students every year, MISTI has a responsibility to demonstrate our commitment to creating experiences abroad that are mindful of diverse backgrounds and inclusive of all students. Thanks to Mala and her team’s efforts, we can feel truly proud of our DEI initiatives and the positive impact they will have for MISTI staff and students for years to come.”


Paula Kreutzer | Political Science

“What’s truly unique about Paula is that she deals with people of all positions, from emeritus faculty to mid-career staff to incoming students, from a position of partnership and team problem-solving. She takes the time and effort to explain the critical processes and details that allow for our success. Paula makes our work possible in so many ways that enrich our day-to-day interactions and truly make MIT a world-class institution.”


Emily Neill and Sophia Hasenfus | Women and Gender Studies

“These two are community builders extraordinaire! I honestly have never seen anything like it! They know how to draw people into a community, and they know how to make them feel included and happy enough to keep them there! Indeed, they should teach a masterclass in outreach strategies, techniques, and best practices, because they are, in fact, masters of this skill. It’s as if their guiding principle is basically: 'If you keep working at building community, new members will come and everyone will thrive!' Their hope is as inspiring as it is infectious.”