Infinite Mile Award Recipients | 2018


Melissa Nobles, Kenan Sahin Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), has announced the five winners of the 2018 MIT SHASS Infinite Mile Awards. The awards, presented each year at a festive luncheon, salute members of the SHASS staff who have made exceptional contributions to their academic units, the School, and the Institute.

Warmest congratulations to the 2018 recipients:

Thomas Dattilo | Economics

“Since joining the department, Thomas has worked tirelessly to improve our graduate placement database, which faculty and students use to track job interviews, so-called ‘flyouts,’ offers, and job placements. The tool that Thomas has helped to developed has dramatically improved the efficiency and transparency of the recommendation letter process, both for students entering the job market and for faculty and staff members who are responsible for crafting and submitting those letters. What was once a dreaded annual administrative headache has become substantially more manageable and transparent.”


Alicia Mackin | Literature

“No matter what the situation or what the crisis, Alicia always has a smile and there is never a point at which she begins by saying something can't be done. She is always ready to try and figure out a possible solution. She never balks at last minute requests and somehow manages to figure out a way to get things done. Alicia is unsung — she sings others' praises but it is now high time that we sing hers.”


Nicole Paschal | Music and Theater Arts

“Nicole is viewed as a leader within the section, the faculty and staff depends on her and I believe she serves as a model for our team in her efforts to constantly build bridges. … Her careful attention to detail, competence, willingness to ask the right questions when she doesn’t know the answer, ability to anticipate concerns and seek innovative strategies, humility and infinite capacity to learn and grow is why I’m privileged to nominate Nicole for this award.”


Meghan Pepin | History

“I have been particularly impressed with Meghan’s willingness to serve as a Freshman Academic Advisor this year. … In her short time here, the History faculty has come to rely on her administrative instincts and her generally good sensibility. Our daily routine would be significantly impoverished without Meghan’s reassuring presence.”


Kalina Schloneger | Music and Theater Arts

“Kalina Schloneger has twice proven to be the best friend any performance leader or ensemble Director can have in our program. More than being knowledgeable about the myriad details and day-to-day needs of each ensemble, from the very start of semester to end, each program and each guest, she brings an even more important quality: heart. She loves the music and the work that is essential to make it all possible. Her interest goes beyond the professional and the capable. She is nourished by what we do, and we, by her enthusiasm.”


Andrea Wirth | Office of the Dean, MIT SHASS

“Andrea is always thinking of ways of helping us streamline processes and she undertook a project of mapping out how students could do a major in the different SHASS fields or even do a double major. She sends out reminders that maybe we should target our concentrators to see if they are interested in minoring in our field. I've taken her advice and I target the concentrators who have completed their concentrations early in their 3rd year and in the past two years, this has resulted in seven new minors. Andrea is a great ambassador of good will and a champion for SHASS. We are lucky to have her.”