Faculty Committees

electrical activity of neurons

SHASS Committees | 2023–2024


Leadership Positions

  Elizabeth Wood
SHASS School Council Representative
Brad Skow
SHASS Undergraduate Chair
Emily Richmond Pollock


Burchard Fellows Committee

Margery Resnick, chair 
Maria Khotimsky
Erik Lin-Greenberg
Jessica Ruffin
Charles Shadle
Bettina Stoetzer
Per Urlaub
Chanh Phan, staff


De Florez Humor Fund Committee

Leslie Tilley, Chair
Eva Dessein, Interim Chair
Kieran Setiya
Teresa Neff
Chanh Phan, staff


Gender Equity Co-Chairs

Andrea Campbell
Edward Schiappa


Global Languages Steering Committee

Emma Teng, Chair
Adam Albright
Catherine Clark
Amah Edoh
Mary Fuller
Richard Samuels
David Darrow, Undergraduate Student
Yun Shwe Eain, Undergraduate Student

SHASS Education Advisory Committee (SHEAC) 

Emily Richmond Pollock, Chair
EJ Green
Paul Roquet
Suzanne Flynn
Chanh Phan, staff

SHASS Faculty Diversity Committee 

Elizabeth Wood, Chair
Dwaipayan Banerjee
Marah Gubar

SHASS Research Fund and Levitan Prize Committee

Wiebke Denecke, Chair
Justin Reich
Jack Spencer
Ana Ludwig, staff