Faculty Committees

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SHASS Committees | 2017–2018


Burchard Fellows Committee

Agustín Rayo
Margery Resnick, Director
Devin Caughey
Justin Khoo
Martin Marks
Lisa Parks
Paul Roquet
Kieran Setiya 
Charles Shadle
Andrea Wirth, Staff

SHASS Education Advisory Committee (SHEAC) 

Agustín Rayo, Chair
Janet Sonenberg
TL Taylor
Mary Clare Beytagh, Undergraduate Student
Sarah Aladetan, Undergraduate Student
Andrea Wirth, Staff

SHASS Faculty Diversity Committee 

Agustín Rayo, Chair
Clapperton Chakanetsa Mavhunga
Elizabeth Wood

De Florez Humor Fund Committee

Seth Mnookin, Chair
Eugenie Brinkema
Mark Harvey
Paul Kalebu, Graduate Student
Sabine Levet
Kieran Setiya
Frankie Schembri, Graduate Student
Kristen Overly, Undergraduate Student
Andrea Wirth, Staff

SHASS Fund and Levitan Prize Committee

Tamar Schapiro, Committee Head
Sasha Costanza-Chock
Noel Jackson

SHASS Faculty Serving on MIT Committees


Committee on Academic Performance

Charles Stewart, chair (2014-2016)
Merritt Roe Smith (2013)

Committee on Animal Care

Stefan Helmreich (2015)

Committe on Curricula

Anne E. C. Mccants (Chair, 2016)
Shankar Raman (Chair, 2015)
Edward Flemming (2018)
James Paradis

Committee on Discipline

Alexander Byrne (2020)
Norvin Richards (2019)
Suzanne Flynn (2017)

Committee on Foreign Scholarships

Richard Locke  (former MIT faculty)
Anne McCants
Shankar Raman
David Singer
Eugene Skolnikoff

Committee on Graduate Programs

Bradford Skow (Chair, 2018)
Donca Steriade (Chair, 2017)
Mary Fuller (Associate Chair of the Faculty, 2013)
Kathleen Thelen (2014)

Committee on Intellectual Property

David Thorburn (2013)

Committee on the Library System

Eric Goldberg (2018)
Adam Albright (2018)
Jeffrey S. Ravel (2017)
Richard Holton (2015)
Nick Montfort (2014)

Committee on Nominations

Kair Von Fintel (2019)
Mary Fuller (2017)
Edward Steinfeld (2013)

Committee on Outside Professional Activities

Jonathan Gruber (2013)

Committee for Review of Space Planning

Marc Jones (Dean's Office Staff)
Philip Khoury

Committee on the Student Information Policy

Suzanne Flynn (2013)

Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

Craig Wilder, Chair (2013)

Committee on the Undergraduate Program

Fotini Christia (2018)
Douglas Alan Harrell (2016)
Mary Fuller, Associate Chair of the Faculty (2013)
Diana Henderson, Dean for Undergraduate Education Designate
Noel Jackson, (2013)

Committee on the Use of Humans as Experimental Subjects (COUHES) 

Marc B. Jones (Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration)
Adam Berinsky

Community Giving at MIT Campaign Committee

Jerry Hausman (2013)

Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs 

Mary Fuller (2017)

Council on Family and Work

Patricia J. Tang (2018)
Ruth Levitsky (Working Group on Support Staff Issues, 2016)
Sally Haslanger (2013)

Employee Benefits Oversight Committee

Sandy Alexandre
Nancy Rose

Faculty Policy Committee

Sandy Alexandre (2019)
Caspar Hare (2018)
Christopher Capozzola (2017)
Mary Fuller (Associate Chair, 2014)
Chappell Lawson (Secretary of the Faculty, 2013)
Richard Locke (2014)

Faculty Oversight Committee for MITx

Anne McCants

Faculty Newsletter

Manduhai Buyandelger
Helen Elaine Lee
Nazli Choucri
Ruth Perry
Jean Jackson
Rosalind Williams

Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee

Emma Teng (2016)


Adam Berinsky - Ashdown House
Suzanne Flynn – Maseeh Hall
Charles Stewart – McCormick House
Anne McCants – Burton Connor House
David Mindell – Edgerton House
David Singer – MacGregor House
Jay Scheib – Senior House

International Advisory Committee

Emma Teng (2019)
Ben Ross Schneider (2018)
Philip Khoury, Co-Chair
J. Chappell Lawson 
Suzanne Berger

James R. Killian, Jr. Faculty Achievement Award Selection Committee

Anne McCants (2018)
Janet Sonenberg (Chair, 2016)
Jens Hainmueller (2013)

MIT Council on Educational Technology •

Diana Henderson
Nick Montfort

Phi Beta Kappa Xi Chapter of MA, MIT

Diana Henderson
Anne McCants
Jeffrey Ravel

Press Editorial Board

Fox Harrell (2019)
David Kaiser (2019)
Nick Montfort (2019)
Robert Townsend (2019)
David Kaiser (2016)
Robert Townsend (2016)
Nick Montfort (Invited Guest, 2016)
Robert Townsend (2013)

Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement

Agustin Rayo, ex officio, Designate for the Dean of SHASS
James Buzard (Co-chair, 2016)
Lerna Ekmekcioglu (2016)
Adam Albright (2016)
Caspar Hare (Co-chair Fall 2012)
William Broadhead (2014)
Kai von Fintel, ex officio
Diana Henderson, ex officio
Nick Montfort, ex officio

Subcommittee on HASS Requirement


Marah Gubar, Chair 
Emily Pollock, SHASS Representative
Tamar Schapiro, Vice Chancellor’s designee
Agustín Rayo, ex officio, Designate for the Dean of SHASS

John Carroll, Sloan School of Management Representative
Timothy Hyde, School of Architecture and Planning Representative
David Jerison, School of Science Representative
Gregory Rutledge, School of Engineering Representative
Ian MacFarlane, Undergraduate Representative
Henry Shackleton, Undergraduate Representative


Christine Walley (Chair, 2013)
Kai von Fintel, Dean of SHASS Designate
Diana Henderson, Dean for Undergraduate Education Designate
Helen Elaine Lee (Chair, 2014)
Margery Resnick (2013)
Natasha Schüll (2015)
Patricia Tang (2014)
Sandy Alexandre (2015)
Michael Cuthbert (2017)

Truman Fellowship Committee

Anne McCants, Faculty Representative
Christopher Capozzola
Christopher Leighton