SHASS Levitan Teaching Awards

Gallery of Recipients

The Best of the Best

Who is your best SHASS professor, lecturer, or teaching assistant? Give them the recognition they deserve by nominating them for the James A. and Ruth Levitan Award for Excellence in Teaching!

Nominating is easy. Submit your nomination by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 21 for excellent teaching you experienced in SHASS classes during Fall 2023 or Spring 2024.

A complete nomination includes the following information:

  • Your name and email
  • Name of the instructor you are nominating
  • Subject(s) taken with that instructor
  • A detailed explanation of why you are nominating this instructor

Your explanation may comment on:

  • Teaching effectiveness
  • Impact on you and your classmates
  • Approachability / Mentorship / Support

The committee will consider both the quantity and quality of nominations submitted in support of each instructor. Successful nominations usually include specific examples of what makes your nominee excellent. Aggregate testimonials from multiple students are also welcome.

In order to be eligible for the award, the instructor or teaching assistant must be nominated for work in a class with a SHASS subject-designation, and must be a non-visiting member of a SHASS unit.

Nominations are solicited during both fall and spring semesters and prizes are awarded once a year in the spring in separate categories for professors, lecturers, and teaching assistants.

The Levitan Teaching Awards are sometimes confused with the Levitan Prize in the Humanities. Lear more about the Levitan Prize in the Humanities.