SHASS Levitan Teaching Awards

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The Best of the Best

Who is your best SHASS professor, lecturer and TA?  Help them get the recognition they deserve by nominating them for the James A. and Ruth Levitan Teaching Award!

Nominating is quick and easy to do. Simply send an email nomination by Sunday, April 26, 2020. Your email nomination should include the following information:

Your name:

Your email:

Name of your best instructor:

Subjects taken with that instructor:

An explanation of why you are nominating this instructor.  Please comment on the:

  • Effectiveness of teaching / helping you learn the content of the subject
  • Mentorship

The committee will consider both the quantity and quality of nominations.  Successful nominations often include a brief, specific example. 

In order to be eligible for the award, the instructor or TA must be nominated for work in a class with a SHASS subject-designation, and must be must be a non-visiting member of a SHASS unit.

Nominations are solicited during both fall and spring semesters and prizes are awarded once a year in the spring in separate categories for professors, lecturers and TAs.

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