Infinite Mile Award Recipients | 2016


Warmest congratulations to our 2016 award recipients!

Melissa Nobles, Kenan Sahin Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS), has announced the recipients of this year’s MIT-SHASS Infinite Mile Awards. Presented during a festive luncheon in the Samberg Conference Center, attended by more than a hundred members of the SHASS community, the Infinite Mile awards salute SHASS staff members who have made exceptional contributions to their academic units, the School, and the Institute itself.

Hannah Carpenter | Music and Theater Arts

“Hanna is the master of the knowing smile, the keeper of many confidences, and someone who is always supportive and never ruffled. I am confident that a large part of our success rests on the atmosphere of quiet mastery that surrounds all our dealings. Hannah may be less visible than most, therefore, easily unsung. She should be brought forward to take a well-earned bow!” 

Griselda Gomez | Center for International Studies

“From the moment I joined MISTI, I felt I could count on Griselda. She was crucial for me to understand the MISTI safety and health policies, and during my first few months, she very patiently guided me through the process.”

Joli Divon Saraf | Center for International Studies

“I have observed Joli befriend shier fellows and graduate students, and encourage them over a quick afternoon coffee at a Kendall Square coffee shop. This has made a noticeable contribution to their sense of inclusion and the extent of their participation in the SSP community. Joli understands that a truly collegiate and inclusive workplace is built on a bit of fun, comfort, friendship and encouragement, which she works tirelessly to provide.”

Janine Sazinsky | Political Science

“Janine’s performance in the Department has professionalism, thoroughness, creativity, problem-solving abilities and cheerfulness.”

Jillian Scales | Music and Theater Arts

“Jillian is a crucial player in the music program at MIT and especially dedicated to the student musicians; she is the key to their success. Although she may be behind the scenes, she is indispensable to the professional performance of any concert.”

Amberly Steward | Anthropology

“When Amberly became our administrative officer she catalyzed a cultural shift in our unit:  when approached with our questions or queries about ideas, administrative processes, or external opportunities, her response was and remains, ‘Let’s see how we can make this work.’”


Congratulations to the 2016 recipients of the MIT SHASS Infinite Mile Awards: (L-R) Giselda Gomez, Janine Sazinsky, Dean Melissa Nobles, Amberly Steward, Joli Divon Saraf, Hannah Carpenter, Jillian Scales.