Adedolapo "Dolapo" Adedokun '22, EECS + Music
EECS student, Mitchell Scholar, and musician aims to use tech to democratize access to creativity and the arts

Adedolapo "Dolapo" Adedokun '22, EECS and Music

"Technology has this incredible potential to make anyone a creator I’d like to build the tools to make it happen."

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After graduation in 2022, Adedokun, who has received the prestigious George J. Mitchell Scholarship, will begin a Masters program in Intelligent Systems at Trinity College Dublin. The talented computer scientist is also an accomplished musician whose studies at the intersection of music and computer systems have led him to envision working to help realize the potential of tech to "democratize accessibility to music and the arts."


Q: What excites you the most about going to Ireland to study for a year?


A: One of the reasons I was interested in Ireland was when I learned about Music Generation, a national music education initiative in Ireland, with the goal of giving every child in Ireland access to the arts through access to music tuition, performance opportunities, and music education in and outside of the classroom. It made me think, “Wow, this is a country that recognizes the importance of arts and music education and has invested to make it accessible for people of all backgrounds.” I am inspired by this initiative and wish it was something I could have had growing up.

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