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Advising resources for undergraduate education by field

Here you will find worksheets for students and advisors to plan a degree path. There are four-year course plan schedules and examples of dual-degree plans, as well as comparisons of paths to study a science/engineering field with a SHASS field, either as a dual degree, as a joint degree, in combination with a minor, or as a major alone. If a student is interested in a roadmap for a combination that is not listed here, you may email


Worksheets and Applications for Double Majors


Worksheets for Course 21 Majors    


Worksheets for Course 21E / 21S Majors    

How to prepare a Course 21E/S Major proposal


Degree Charts  

Majors: 4-Year Sample Schedules, otherwise known as ROADMAPS   
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MIT students build a printing press for the History course “Making Books: The Renaissance and Today”