Guidelines for SHASS units sharing communications via the Dean's Office mail lists

SHASS maintains two all-school mailing lists, which are governed by the following guidelines:

This list is reserved for communications from the Dean's Office to the SHASS community. It is used sparingly and is typically restricted to communications from the Dean.

This list is used for non-essential communications to the SHASS community. Users may unsubscribe from this list by following directions at the end of any posted message.

Units are discouraged from posting to this list directly. Instead, they are asked to liaise with the SHASS communications team, requesting that their announcements be included in an events' digest. In certain special cases (e.g. a major event that is likely to be of interest to a substantial portion of the SHASS community), units may request to post directly to the mailing list. Such requests are expected to be rare (e.g. no more frequently than once a semester).


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Guidelines developed by Dean Agustín Rayo