MIT-Balliol College Faculty Exchange | Guidelines and Particulars


The program began in 1986 following a commitment made by William A. Coolidge to fund an exchange program for faculty at MIT and Balliol College to engage in extended visits at each university. The program is administered by the office of the Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at MIT. The Senior Financial Officer in the Dean’s Office coordinates logistics and financial arrangements. All regular members of the MIT faculty are eligible to participate in the exchange program.

General Policies
Maintain visits each year in each direction, while minimizing the overlap of participants at either university. • Give priority, based on the determination of the host institution, to visiting faculty with the greatest potential for professional interaction with the host's faculty. • Visitors are not required to provide any teaching or other services during residence at the host institution. •  Activities during each visit may be arranged according to the specific needs and mutual consent of the participants. • Visits typically have a duration between one to four months.

The program covers travel and housing expenses for exchange participants (including one round-trip airfare for their spouse or partner). In addition, visitors to Balliol may participate in a meal plan at the college, for which the program is billed directly up to ₤75 per week. The visitor reimburses the program for any additional meals charges. The program does not pay stipends or salaries to exchange participants.

Visitors to Balliol are provided with an apartment on campus, for which the program is billed directly. Due to limited accommodations at Balliol, visitors with young children may need to arrange alternate housing in Oxford. The program will help cover the cost of this off-site accommodation within reason. However, it may be possible for faculty accompanied by children 11 years of age or older to stay in one of the flats at Balliol College.

For faculty visiting MIT, a furnished apartment will be rented on the participant’s behalf.  The rent will be paid by MIT, as will any utilities not included in the rent. A two-bed room apartment may be requested if family members are to accompany the exchange participants.


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Visitors are allocated a flat at the King’s Mound, Mansfield Road, Oxford during their stay (telephone: 01865 247053). Keys may be obtained from the Balliol College Porters’ Lodge in Broad Street. Unfortunately, it is not possible to accommodate children. Visitors are requested to inform the Senior Tutor, Dr. Kinch Hoekstra, if a partner will accompany them. Car parking space is available in the Dellal Building car park for the duration of the stay. Keys to this car park may be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge in Holywell Manor. Visitors will be hosted by a Fellow of the College, who is responsible for looking after them during their stay.

Senior Common Room: Meals and Charges
Visitors will be members of the Senior Common Room. They will be entitled to take meals there whenever these are available, except for Wednesday evenings (when Dinner is restricted to Fellows only). Visitors will be charged for meals taken (‘battels account’), but will be credited at the rate of £75 per week as agreed under the scheme with MIT.

Telephone Charges
The College will charge MIT for telephone services.

Computing and Internet Facilities
The University Computing services act as a free ISP, excepting the local telephone call charges. Visitors should ask the College Secretary, Ms. Julia Hore, whose office is situated in the Master’s Lodgings, to provide them with a University Card. The details from the University Card are necessary in order to become a registered user of the Oxford net and to dial into the MIT net.

There are no computers available other than those in the Senior Common Room computer room in College. Visitors have access to this computing room, and free printing is provided here. Visitors wishing to connect from the King’s Mound will need to bring their own machines with them. As the main voltage in England is 220-240VAC, it is advisable to check the compatibility of electrical equipment brought over from the United States or elsewhere.

Send proposals to:

Veronica Vivas
Senior Financial Officer
Dean's Office
MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Deadline: December 15, 2023