It's true — at MIT you can be funded for being funny.

Apply for a grant from the de Florez Fund for Humor.
MIT loves humor and each year, the MIT SHASS-based de Florez Fund supports numerous projects that bring more good-natured fun into our midst. Funded projects are to be “contributions to innocent humor at MIT, including activities that do not involve risk of damage to persons or property, or embarrassment to others.”


How to Apply | Information and Online Application Form
All members of the MIT community — students, instructors, and staff — may apply as long as the activities reach a student audience. Student-led undertakings receive preference, as will proposals that show a funding partnership.



Story: About the Humor Fund

Gallery: Previously Funded Projects


Typical Application Cycle
Typically, only proposals for grants under $750 are considered on a rolling basis, throughout the year, and proposals for larger amounts
are accepted once a semester, in the fall and spring of each academic year. Application deadlines are normally the third Sunday of a new semester.  The de Florez committee is unable to consider requests for events that have already occurred. We typically meet within a week of each semester's application deadline and always meet within two weeks of the deadline. Applications for events scheduled during the first four weeks of a semester must be submitted the previous semester. For Spring 2022, events that occur before March 1 and are requesting grants larger than $750 must be submitted by this fall's deadline to be considered. For Fall 2022, events seeking a large grant that occur before October 15 must be submitted by the previous spring deadline.  No exceptions can be made. 

Have a funny image?  
We also welcome submissions from the MIT community for images for the slideshow on this page. You may send a candidate for the slideshow whether or not you are applying for funding. (Be sure you are the creator of and own the rights to any image you send.) Email images to deflorez-humor@mit.edu.