Questions about Majors

Who do I talk to about majors in HASS?
You should speak to someone in the individual department, section or program you’re interested in. This might be a faculty member and/or the Undergraduate Academic Administrator in the Headquarters Office. They are happy to help.

What are interdisciplinary majors (formerly major departures) within SHASS?
An interdisciplinary major is a major by special arrangement in one of six specific fields in Humanities requiring approval by the SHASS Dean. Information is available online or by appointment with the SHASS Academic Administrator. Students write an interdisciplinary major proposal, list the courses they intend to include in their major program, and obtain the approval of the Faculty Advisor for that field. Students receive an S.B. in "Humanities."

Can I major and concentrate in the same field?
Each department, program and section in HASS has its own policy in regard to majoring and concentrating in the same field. You should contact the field office for information on a specific field.

If I major in a HASS department how many of my classes can count toward my major and toward the HASS requirement?
MIT leaves this up to each department, program, or section.