Religious Studies Concentration

Concentration Requirements

Three subjects constituting a coherent course of study selected in consultation with the Concentration Advisor. Below is a partial listing of Religious Studies subjects. Other courses may be included in your program at the concentration advisor’s discretion. Students seeking a wider range of topics related to global religions may also cross-register for classes at Harvard or Wellesley.

A HASS Concentration may include only one subject that also counts toward the HASS Distribution Requirement. You may include more than one only if the additional subject will NOT count as a HASS Distribution subject in your degree audit.


17.565 / 17.567  Israel: History, Politics, Culture, and Identity,  HASS-S

17.568  Comparative Politics and International Relations of the Middle East  (G)

21A.00  Introduction to Anthropology: Comparing Human Cultures, HASS-S

21A.157  The Meaning of Life, HASS-S

21A.520  Magic, Science, and Religion, HASS-S

21G.030J  Introduction to East Asian Cultures: From Zen to K-Pop, [WGS.236J], HASS-H

21G.044J, Classics of Chinese Literature in Translation, [WGS.235J], HASS-H

21H.160  Islam, the Middle East, and the West, HASS-H

21H.230  Barbarians, Saints, and Emperors, HASS-H

21H.240  The World of Charlemagne, HASS-H, CI-H

21H.322  Christianity in America, HASS-H

21H.333  Early Christianity, HASS-H

21H.365  Minorities and Majorities in the Middle East, HASS-H

21L.001  Foundations of Western Literature: Homer to Dante, HASS-H, CI-H

21L.022J  Darwin and Design, [21W.739J], HASS-H, CI-H

21L.458  The Bible, HASS-H

21M.013J  The Supernatural in Music, Literature and Culture [21L.013J], HASS-A or HASS-H, CI-H

21M.291  Music of India, HASS-A

24.02  Moral Problems and the Good Life, HASS-H, CI-H

24.05  Philosophy of Religion, HASS-H, CI-H

24.503 Topics in Philosophy of Religion (G)

STS.036 Science in American Life: 1920-2020, HASS-H

WGS.220J  Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa [21H.263J], HASS-H


This list is not exhaustive. Relevant subjects that are no longer offered and subjects with variable topics (such as “special subjects” or “selected topics” courses, for example) may also be counted at the discretion of the concentration advisor.

[ ] Jointly listed subjects


Additional information can be obtained from the Concentration Advisor:
Professor Eric Goldberg, E51-290, 617-324-2420
Or by emailing


Detail; Lindisfarne manuscript, combining elements of Mediterranean, Anglo-Saxon, and Celtic art