Major in Russian and Eurasian Studies

Detail, St. Basil's Cathedral, a former church, built between 1555-61; now a museum in Red Square, in the heart of Moscow, Russia



The Major Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies is intended for students seeking an interdisciplinary program of study centered on Russia and Eurasia. The program is regional in spirit, meaning that students can take courses in a wide range of countries of East/Central Europe, the Slavic states, and Central Asia.

The Major Program in Russian Studies consists of a minimum of nine subjects (108 units) beyond the pre-thesis and thesis. The nine subjects must include two language subjects in Area I (or equivalent proficiency); the seven remaining subjects must be selected from at least two of the three other disciplinary areas (Areas II-IV). At least six subjects must be MIT subjects or subjects taken at Harvard University or Wellesley College under cross-registration. Students must receive permission from the major advisor prior to registering for a subject at another institution. The major covers four areas of study:

Area I: Language

Area II: Humanities and the Arts

Area III: Social Sciences

Area IV: Historical Studies

Click here for the latest listing of eligible subjects and the current degree chart.

This list is not exhaustive. Relevant subjects that are no longer offered and subjects with variable topics (such as “special subjects” or “selected topics” courses, for example) may also be counted at the discretion of the major advisor.


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