Black Matters | Introduction to Black Studies 

                                          the Honorable Barbara Jordan, during the Watergate Hearings

Black Matters: Introduction to Black Studies

An interdisciplinary survey of people of African descent that draws on the overlapping approaches of history, literature, anthropology, legal studies, media studies, performance, linguistics, and creative writing. Connects the experiences of African-Americans and of other American minorities, focusing on social, political, and cultural histories, and on linguistic patterns. Includes lectures, discussions, workshops, and required field trips that involve minimal cost to students.


About Barbara Jordan
Stateswoman, Member of the U.S. Congress from the 18th District of Texas,
Keynote speaker for the 1976 National Democratic Convention,
Oratorical genius and defender of the U.S. Constitution

 “There was only one Barbara Jordan. When she spoke—we listened—the world listened.” 
  — Eve Clayton, Representative from North Carolina

Listen | A Recording of Barbara Jordan's voice