The Burchard Scholars Program 
Expand your horizons at dinner seminars with distinguished MIT faculty

Students, you can apply here.
Program open to MIT sophomores and juniors.
Application deadline: Sunday, November 17, 2019

Expand Your Horizons at Dinner Seminars with Distinguished Faculty

The Burchard Scholars Program brings together distinguished members of the faculty and promising MIT sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated excellence in some aspect of the humanities, arts, or social sciences. About 35 MIT undergraduates are selected each year for the competitive program. Each cohort of "Burchards" participates for one calendar year, from February through December.

The format is a series of dinner seminars that reflect the vast range of inquiry and research in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science. The Burchard Program consists of nine events throughout a calendar year — a large reception at the beginning of spring term, seven dinner-seminars, and one cultural event in the fall. Seminars are held monthly, on Wednesday evenings from 5-7pm, during the school year.

Application Information

The Burchard Scholars application must include the following materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae or résumé
  • List of HASS classes you have taken at MIT
  • A letter of recommendation from a Faculty member who has taught you in a HASS course
  • An essay on one of three essay topics in less than 500 words:

Students submit applications online here. You are expected to contact your HASS Faculty referee directly no later than the application deadline to make arrangements for them to supply a recommendation directly to no later than one full week after the application deadline. (For 2019, the deadline for referees to submit recommendations is through Friday, November 22nd.)  You should supply them copies of your résumé and your list of HASS subjects. Please allow your referees time to do their job!

Due date for applications to the 2020 Burchard Program is November 17, 2019.

Please note:

A Burchard Scholar can be a major in any department of the Institute; no preference is given to HASS majors. All sophomores and juniors in good standing are eligible to apply. If you have a question about the program or how to apply, please email

Information on the Burchard Program

Burchard Events
Past Burchard Scholars



Congratulations to the 2019 Burchard Scholars!  

Muskaan Aggarwal ’20
Major: Biology

Crystal Chang ’20
Major: Biology

Fiona Chen ’21
Major: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science

Isabelle Chong ’21
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Rionna Flynn ’21
Major: Physics

Sebastian Franjou ’20
Major: Music

Patricia Gao ’21
Major: Computer Science and Molecular Biology

Cynthia Harris ’20
Major: Biology

Jude He ’21
Major: Humanities and Engineering

Robert Henning ’20
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Lior Hirschfeld ’21
Major: Mathematics

Catherine Huang ’21
Major: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science

Ameena Iqbal ’21
Major: Chemistry and Biology

Natasha Joglekar ’21
Major: Computer Science and Molecular Biology
Minor: Women's and Gender Studies

Talia Khan ’20
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Minor: Music

Madeleine Kline ’20
Major: Chemistry and Biology

Tingyu Li ’21
Major: Management

Margaret Libby ’21
Major: Biology

Tara Liu ’20
Majors: Computer Science and Engineering, Comparative Media Studies

Aaron Makikalli ’21
Major: Aerospace Engineering

Leanne Morical ’21
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Ciara Mulcahy ’20
Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Anjali Nambrath ’21
Major: Physics
Minor: French

Ethan Oak ’21
Major: Business Analytics

Maisha Prome ’21
Major: Biological Engineering

Chad Qian ’20
Majors: Mathematics with Computer Science, Economics

J Shelly ’20
Major: Biology

Amy Shim ’21
Major: Humanities and Engineering

Yotaro Sueoka ’20
Majors: Biological Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Minor: Computer Science

Steven Truong ’20
Majors: Biological Engineering, Writing

Rona Wang ’21
Major: Comparative Media Studies

Erica Weng ’20
Major: Computer Science and Engineering

Isabelle Yen ’21
Major: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science

Whitney Zhang ’21
Major: Mathematical Economics

Lena Zhu ’20
Majors: Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Biology
Minor: Biomedical Engineering

Yiwei Zhu ’21
Major: Computer Science and Engineering