Kelly-Douglas Fund FAQs


Can I get a travel advance if I have been granted financial support by the Kelly-Douglas Fund?

No. All disbursements of travel take place after completion of travel. Receipts detailing expenditures must be submitted for reimbursement. Please keep copies of all receipts.

If I am not sure whether I am eligible to apply for a travelling fellowship, how do I find out?

Email or phone the Fund Director (see the Contact Us page).

My recommender is not in town or will not be able to get the evaluation in by the deadline. What should I do?

Submit your portion of the application by the deadline, but email the Fund Director to explain the reason for the delay and attach a note to the application indicating when the recommendation will arrive. Note that recommendations must be received before the Board meets to deliberate on your proposal, and an application is not considered complete until the recommendation has arrived.

I am graduating Senior. Can I apply for a Travelling Fellowship?

Only for the IAP of your senior year. You may not apply for support for travel to be undertaken in the Summer immediately after graduation.


I am a first-year student. Can I apply for a Travelling Fellowship?

Only if you have already been granted sophomore standing at the time of application.

Can I receive funds to attend a conference where I am not presenting a paper?

No. Travel funds require that you be a full participant in the conference and that the activity contribute to your career and educational trajectory.


May I apply for the Kelly Douglas Fund after the conference/event has happened? 

No, all applications must be submitted prior to the event. The Kelly-Douglas Fund is unable to retroactively reimburse any candidate.