Kelly-Douglas Fund
Travel Fellowships for IAP and Summer 

The power of travel 

An important dimension of the Kelly-Douglas Fund is the support for and encouragement of undergraduate education in the humanities, arts and social sciences. We believe that travel outside MIT to pursue an independent project in a HASS field, or to collaborate in a humanitarian project, can have a powerful and lasting effect on students. To this end, a portion of the Fund is reserved for Traveling Fellowships for MIT students pursuing an endeavor of their own devising either during IAP or the Summer.

Who can apply?

All MIT sophomores, juniors, and seniors wishing to travel during IAP or Summer are eligible to apply. Students need not belong to the School of HASS, though majors and minors in the School will be given preference.

Please note that first-year students are NOT eligible to apply unless they have already been granted sophomore status at the time of application. Seniors may only apply to travel in the IAP of their final year, and are NOT eligible for grants for the summer following graduation.

About the Undergraduate Travel Application Process

Application deadline for travel during Summer 2024 is April 22, 2024 at 5 pm Eastern.

How much support does the Fund provide?

The maximum level of support offered by the Fund is $1500. However, since the Board seeks to assist as many students as possible, grants are often for smaller amounts. The grants are competitively awarded: decisions on funding are reached based upon an assessment both of the proposal's intrinsic merit, and the demonstrated financial need. It is expected that students will also seek supplementary funds — either personal or from some other source. All other potential sources need to be disclosed on the application. In the event that a student receives substantial funding from an outside source (such as the Eloranta), they will not be considered for a financial award from the Kelly-Douglas Fund.

What sorts of activities does the Fund support?

The Kelly-Douglas Fund has assisted a range of efforts. Students have been awarded grants to carry out archival and library research, or to conduct interviews and gather data for independent projects. Others have applied for and received some support to travel abroad to study intensively a language that will be of use in their future careers. The Fund has further supported travel to take courses not available at MIT or to develop skills in the performing arts and music. It has also helped realise humanitarian projects in small communities. This list is by no means exhaustive.

For additional information, contact us.