Kelly-Douglas Fund
Traveling Fellowships | Application Process





There are two competitions each year, one for travel during IAP and the other for travel during the Summer.

Applications for travel during IAP 2020 are due by 5 pm on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Applications for travel during Summer 2020 are due by 5 pm on Monday, April 6, 2020


Application Overview

  1. Download and complete Cover Sheet.
  2. Mail or email signed Cover Sheet and Application to the Fund Administrator.
  3. Arrange for one letter of recommendation, addressed to the Director, to be sent to the Fund Administrator.
  4. Decisions will be made and communicated (by email) in early December for IAP applications and by the end of April for Summer applications.
  5. Applicants will contact the Fund Administrator thereafter to confirm acceptance. After completion of travel, please turn in the Reimbursements form along with receipts.


The Cover Sheet

Download the cover sheet.

In addition to contact and student status information, the Cover Sheet requires the following:

  • A brief description of the proposed project (no more than a sentence or two).
  • A detailed budget that estimates the cost of the proposed travel in terms of transportation, lodging, and other expenses. The budget should also indicate what portions of the travel costs are to be funded by the Kelly-Douglas Fund, should the application be successful.
  • Alternative and supplementary sources of funding being sought, and amounts already received, if any. A full disclosure is necessary. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of a grants awarded.
  • Name and email contact information of a recommender.


The Application

The Application should describe cogently the nature of the travel proposed, its reasons and goals, as well as provide a summary of the planned itinerary. It should also make clear either its relation to a field in the humanities, arts and social sciences, or — in the case of travel for humanitarian reasons — the desired impact upon the community the student intends to aid. The Application should not exceed two single-spaced typed pages in length, though applicants are permitted to attach brief appendices to the application.


Students should arrange for a letter of evaluation, addressed to the Fund Director, to be sent to the Fund Administrator. The recommender should be an instructor at MIT who is familiar with the applicant’s work, and can speak to the merits of the proposed project. Please note that applications will not be considered until the supporting letter has been received.

Submitting the Application

Please submit your application by email, regular mail or interoffice mail to the Fund Administrator:

Attn: The Director, Kelly-Douglas Fund,
c/o Fund Administrator
Literature Section
14N-407 MIT
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA 02139

When do I hear back and how do I get the money?

Once your application is complete, your request will reviewed by the Board and you will receive a response as swiftly as possible – by early December for IAP requests and by end April for Summer requests. If you are the recipient of an award, please contact the Fund Administrator after your travel, to turn in the Reimbursements form and your receipts.

Please note that all travel and research grants are usually paid out upon completion of the proposed project, and recipients are be required to provide receipts and evidence of completion before funds are released. Always keep copies of any receipts you submit.