Questions about Minors


When is my Minor Application due?
We recommend that you submit your minor application by the end of your junior year. 

When is my Minor Completion form due?
The final deadline for Minor Completion Forms is the end of the third week of classes in your final term. Even if you are taking a class for your minor in your final semester, you should still submit the form by the deadline. Forms turned in after the third week of classes in your final term will be subject to a $50 late fee. If you finish your minor before your final semester, you should turn in your completion form as soon as you finish all six of the approved classes.

How do I get a Minor Advisor
Minor Advisors are assigned by field; you can look up the current list here. Please note that Minor Advisors can change as often as every semester; thus it is possible that different advisors will sign your proposal and completion forms.

How can I drop a Minor?
E-mail the SHASS Academic Administrator with your full name, ID, class year and the name of the minor that you would like to drop.

Can I minor and concentrate in the same field? 
Yes. You can build on a concentration to form a minor. Minor requirements are usually more structured than the concentrations, though, so you should consult with the requirements for the concentration and minor you're interested in to be sure that the specific classes you are interested in taking will be acceptable for both the minor and the concentration.

If I do a HASS minor, how many of my classes can count toward both my minor and the HASS Requirement?
Out of the 6 classes required for a minor, 5 may count toward the HASS Requirement. A course must be designated “HASS,” however, in order to count toward the HASS requirement.

What do I do if I’ve already filled out a Minor Application but I have to take different classes?
You should have any changes approved by the Minor Advisor before you make them. In order to do this, you should go to your Minor Field Office, pick up the white copy of your application, make the changes on that copy and bring the revised application to the Minor Advisor for approval. If s/he approves, s/he will initial the changes. You should take your revised and approved application back to the field office, make a copy, and bring the copy to the SHASS Academic Administrator or email to

Where can I find my Minor Application so that I can bring it with me to have my completion form signed?
The white copy of your Minor Application is available in the Field Office for your minor.

Does every subject in my HASS Minor need to carry HASS credit?
No. As an example, you may have an Economics minor that has mathematics or statistics subjects in it.  You may have a Music or Literature minor that has a couple of 6-unit subjects.  If you already have enough other HASS subjects to fulfill the HASS Requirement, you don't have to petition these 6-unit subjects to combine as one HASS-Elective.  It's okay to have non-HASS subjects in a HASS minor.

If I do a HASS Minor, do I still have to do a HASS Concentration?
Yes. Every undergraduate student at MIT must file the HASS Concentration Proposal and Completion forms in order to graduate. You may, however, use the same classes toward your concentration that you use toward your minor.