MIT SHASS classes related to current social, political, and economic issues in the U.S.

See below for a list of MIT classes related to current social, political, and economic issues in the US. The classes are organized by department or programPlease refer to the official subject listings for updated schedules and locations.

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 Anthropology | Browse subjects in course catalog

Introduction to Anthropology: Comparing Human Culture 21A.00
How Culture Works 21A.01
The Science of Race, Sex, and Gender 21A.103
Memory, Culture and Forgetting 21A.104
For Love and Money: Rethinking the Family 21A.111
American Dream: Exploring Class in the US 21A.120
Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms 21A.141J
Gender and Japanese Popular Culture 21A.143J
Food, Culture, and Politics 21A.155
The Meaning of Life 21A.157
Practicum in Global Health and Development 21A.300
Disease and Health: Culture, Society, and Ethics 21A.301
Dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good? 21A.302J
Drugs, Politics, and Culture 21A.305
Environmental Struggles 21A.410
What Is Capitalism? 21A.461
Technology and Culture 21A.500J
Language and Technology 21A.503J
Cultures of Computing 21A.504
Magic, Science, and Religion 21A.520

Comparative Media Studies / Writing | Browse CMS subjects / Writing subjects

Topics and Methods in 21st Century Journalism                    21W.737
Introduction to Media Studies CMS.100
Media in Weimar & Nazi Germany CMS.311
News and Participatory Media MAS.700
Current Debates in Media CMS.701


Economics Browse subjects

Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy 14.03
Intermediate Macroeconomics 14.05
Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy 14.07
Psychology and Economics 14.13
Industrial Organization and Competitive Strategy 14.20
Health Economics 14.21
Economics of Incentives: Theory and Applications 14.26
Public Finance and Public Policy 14.41
Environmental Policy and Economics 14.42
Energy Economics and Policy 14.44J
Innovation Policy and the Economy 14.46
International Trade 14.54
Labor Economics and Public Policy 14.64
The Challenge of World Poverty 14.73
Foundations of Development Policy 14.74
Political Economy and Economic Development 14.75


Global Studies and Languages Browse subjects

Communicating Across Cultures 21G.019
Global Africa: Creative Cultures 21G.026/326
China in the News: The Untold Stories 21G.038/194
Gender and Japanese Popular Culture 21G.039J/591
Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms 21G.048J
Gender in Science, Technology, and Environment 21G.057J
Migration, Race and Ethnicity in a New Europe and Germany 21G.058/418
Digital Media in Japan and Korean 21G.067/597
Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present                     21G.086J
Frenchness in an Era of Globalization 21G.322J
New Culture of Gender: Queer France 21G.325J
Topics in Medicine and Public Health in the Hispanic World 21G.715
The Making of the Latin American City: Culture, Gender, and Citizenship 21G.732


History Browse subjects

American History since 1865       21H.102
Sexual and Gender Identities 21H.108J
Modern China: 1644 to the Present 21H.152
Islam, the Middle East, and the West 21H.160
The Middle East in the Twentieth Century 21H.161
Libertarianism in History 21H.181J
Environment and History 21H.185
Constitutional Law in U.S. History 21H.227
The Black Radical Tradition 21H.229
Frenchness in an Era of Globalization 21H.242J
Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to Present 21H.245J
Race, Crime, and Citizenship in American Law 21H.319
Business in China Since 1800 21H.350
The Ghetto: From Venice to Harlem 21H.385
The War at Home: American Politics and Society in Wartime 21H.213J
Gender and the Law in U.S. History 21H.320J
Gender 21H.983


Linguistics Browse subjects

Language and Technology                                     24.913J


Music and Theater Arts Browse subjects

Introduction to World Music                                         21M.030
Jazz 21M.226
Music of India 21M.291
Music of Indonesia 21M.292
Music of Africa 21M.293
Popular Musics of the World 21M.294
American Popular Music 21M.295
MIT Balinese Gamelan 21M.450
MIT Senegalese Drum Ensemble 21M.460
Sport as Performance 21M.690
China on Stage 21M.700
New American Playwriting 21M.715

Philosophy Browse subjects

Climate Ethics                                         24.07


Political Science Browse subjects

Justice 17.01J 
Introduction to Political Thought 17.03
Modern Conceptions of Freedom 17.04J
International Political Economy 17.115
Sustainability: Political Economy, Science, and Policy 17.181
Introduction to American Political Process 17.20
Congress and the American Political System: I 17.251
Congress and the American Political System: II 17.261
Electoral Politics, Public Opinion, and Democracy 17.263
Democracy in America 17.267
Race, Ethnicity, and American Politics 17.269
The War at Home 17.28J
Making Public Policy 17.30J
Methods of Policy Analysis 17.303J
Science, Technology, and Public Policy 17.309J
Health Policy 17.315
U.S. Social Policy 17.317
Human Rights at Home and Abroad 17.391J
Environmental Law, Policy, and Economics:
Pollution Prevention and Control

Innovation Systems for Science, Technology, Energy,
Manufacturing, and Health

American Foreign Policy: Past, Present, and Future 17.40
Introduction to International Relations 17.41
Causes and Prevention of War 17.42
International Relations Theory in the Cyber Age 17.445
Cybersecurity 17.447
The Politics of Nuclear Proliferation 17.473
U.S. Military Power 17.483
Introduction to Comparative Politics 17.50
Introduction to Latin American Studies 17.55J
Russia's Foreign Policy: Toward the Post-Soviet
States and Beyond
Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society: 1917 to the Present 17.57J
Data and Politics 17.831


Science Technology and Society Browse subjects

Technology in American History STS.001
Finance in Society STS.002
Intersections: Science, Technology, and the World STS.004
Bioethics STS.006J
Science in Action: Technologies and Controversies in Everyday Life STS.012
Gender in Science, Technology, and Environment STS.022J
History of Manufacturing in America STS.026
Energy, Environment, and Society STS.032
Past, Present, Future of teh Environment STS.033
Science Communication: A Practical Guide STS.034
African Americans in Science, Technology, and Medicine STS.048
The Long War Against Cancer STS.049
The History of MIT STS.050
Language and Technology STS.070J
Technology and Culture STS.075J
Youth Political Participation STS.080
Innovation Systems STS.081


Women's and Gender Studies Browse subjects

Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies WGS.101
Marginalized Masculinities WGS.S10
International Women's Voices WGS.141
Globalization: The Good, the Bad, and the In-Between WGS.145
Gender, Health, and Society WGS.151
Gender and Japanese Popular Culture WGS.154J
Gender and the Law in U.S. History WGS.161
New Culture of Gender: Queer France WGS.233J
Jane Austen WGS.240
Dilemmas in Biomedical Ethics: Playing God or Doing Good? WGS.271J
Images of Asian Women: Dragon Ladies and Lotus Blossoms WGS.274J
Gender in Science, Technology, and the Environment WGS.275J
Feminist Thought WGS.301