MIT Vocal and Festival Jazz Ensembles: In Praise of MIT

In Praise of MIT 
Music and original lyrics by John B. Wilbur '22
Arranged by John Harbison, 2011 | Revised lyrics 
Performed by the MIT Vocal + Festival Jazz Ensembles
for the MIT150 celebration

This great jazz arrangement of MIT's unoffical official song, by Pulitzer Prize-winning MIT composer John Harbison, opens with a short, decorous phrase (a nod to the 1922 original) — then cuts loose. 


Arise all ye of MIT, in loyal fellowship.
The future beckons unto ye and life is full and rich.
Arise and raise your glass on high; tonight shall ever be
A mem'ry that will never die, for ye of MIT.
Thy sons and daughters, oh MIT, return from far and wide
And gather here once more to be renourished by thy side,
And as we raise our glasses high to pledge our love for thee
We join all those of days gone by in praise of MIT.