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A curated collection of the finest works from MIT's Music Program

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“The MIT mission is to serve humanity, and the arts provide a powerful way for our students to grow in knowledge and understanding of the human condition.”  

— Marcus Thompson, Institute Professor

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The Listening Room is an online collection of music composed and/or performed by MIT’s renowned Music faculty and extraordinary student-musicians — many of whom study in MIT's conservatory-level Emerson Scholars Program. The 64+ current recordings are presented in four musical categories: Classical, Jazz, World, and Faculty Opus. These recordings exemplify the arts at MIT, which are rooted in experimentation, excellence, and imaginative problem-solving. 

To explore the collection, click any of the four channels above, or on the Listening Room channel links on the navigation bar to the left. 

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Featured Works 

Birk's Works, by Dizzy Gillespie, MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble  play 

In Praise of MIT, by John B. Wilber '22, Arranged by John Harbison  play