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Sir  Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi

The Dignity of Difference

In a talk that weaves philosophy, history, religion and some classic rabbinic banter, Sir Jonathan Sacks calls for a “paradigm shift in understanding of religion” in the face of globalization, which threatens to pull the world apart in tribal and religious strife.  Says Sachs: The “three great institutions of modernity — science, economics and politics — cannot answer the key questions... which are 'Who am I' and 'Why am I here.'" Watch

Jamaica Kincaid

A Reading by Jamaica Kincaid

Many writers long to see their work appear in The New Yorker magazine.  Miraculously, Jamaica Kincaid got her start in print generating “Talk of the Town” pieces for the magazine, back in the (good old) days when those pieces ran without bylines. Kincaid, who celebrates times “when the sheer doing of something was enough,” reads some of her “TOT” pieces and other examples of her early work, offering tips and asides to aspiring writers in her audience. Watch