MIT Health Economist Jonathan Gruber on the Affordable Care Act

Jonathan Gruber helped design the Massachusetts and National health care plans
An architect of both the national health care reform plan and the Massachusetts health care plan, Gruber has been extensively interviewed by the national and international media—before and after the Supreme Court decision.  Here are a few of his clear and informative videos:

Illustrating the success of health care reform: overview about the plan, 2011 (3 min)

Bloomberg Television: interview, June 2012 (6 min)

Reuters: interview, June 2012 (5 min)

C-span: Town Hall talk in Seattle, March 2012 (60 min)

Bloomberg Television: comparing the Massachusetts and National plans, March 2012 (5 min)



U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act | Analysis at MIT News
MIT political scientist Andrea Campbell (whose work was cited in one Justice's opinion) interprets the Court’s health care decision and its implications. 
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