Global Media

Just as digital technology has expanded the means of producing media, so has it increased the geographic range new media may travel. Locally generated content can zip around the world in a heartbeat. But, says moderator Henry Jenkins, “as a society we’re in a contradictory state in terms of having greater access to global content than ever before, but not having developed a conceptual framework to think about it very well.” These panelists attest to an unsettled time for global media.

"The situation of  “reculturization” is a terrible one, because Mexican telenovelas in particular take a majority of space on African TV.  A country like Mauritania for the last 10 years produced three films. Sadly, I’m the director of the three films. "

-Abderrahmane Sissako

Henry Jenkins
Peter de Florez Professor of Humanities
Director of Comparative Media Studies Program

Event Host:
MIT Communications Forum

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