Henry Jenkins | Reflections on a Career at MIT



About the Video 
April 22, 2010 Event | Sponsored by the MIT Communications Forum 

In conversation with William Uricchio, Director of Comparative Media Studies, former CMS Co-Director Henry Jenkins returns to reflect on his time at MIT and offers insights into MIT culture, the state of digital cultures and new media and why the humanities are an invaluable part of an MIT education.  

Providing his own insights into MIT’s culture and the legacy of IHTFP, Jenkins looks back on a long career and the evolution of film and media studies into the thriving Comparative Media Studies program. He attributes his longevity at MIT to the inspiration provided by his students. 

The reflection ends with Jenkins reading The Cat in the Hat — his annual salute to Dr. Seuss. This tradition, began 18 years ago, became a staple of IAP. Jenkins says he is reminded “how much it characterizes to me that creativity and imagination, which is so vital at MIT, and that we turn our back on at our own peril.”



Photo credit: Joi Ito 
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