The Rise of MIT Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
from MIT's 150th anniversary video



Watch for the appearance of Winston Churchill.

This 3-minute clip from MIT's 150th anniversary video traces the rise of the sciences, humanities, arts, and social science disciplines at MIT.  


The roots of MIT's strengths in the humanities, arts, and social sciences go back to its founding days, and by mid-20th century, the Institute had created a dedicated School for these disciplines, reflecting the understanding that meeting great challenges, solving big problems, requires technical/scientific creativity, and an understanding of the world’s human complexities — cultural, political, and economic. Today, MIT SHASS is home to research that has a global impact.


The School's mission also includes a core part of an MIT education. MIT's SHASS disciplines empower young engineers, scientists, thinkers, and citizens with a range of critical skills needed for success in every endeavor. The cultural and historical perspectives, creativity, judgment, communication and critical thinking skills gained in engagement with the School's disciplines help MIT students create innovations — and lives — 
that are rich in meaning and wisdom. 

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