Knight Fellows: How the media tells energy and climate science stories 

Public discourse on energy topics from nuclear technology to climate impacts to biofuels is often characterized by tall claims, exaggerated risks, biased coverage and impenetrable legalese. This video presents journliasts, Alister Doyle, Hepeng Jia, Eli Kintisch, and Joyce Murdoch—experienced 2011-2012 Knight Fellows from across the media spectrum—who give an inside look at the forces that shape media stories on energy.  

Before a capacity audience, the Fellows also offered practical insights for scientists about how to better convey science stories, and discussed the challenges of science writing in a politically charged environment, and the changing nature of the profession in an age of blogs and social networks.

Event sponsors

MIT Energy Initiative
MIT-SHASS Program in Science, Technology and Society
MIT-SHASS Knight Science Journalism Fellowship Program

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