A Sampler of Health Sector projects
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab at MIT

J-PAL’s Health sector aims to encourage health-promoting behaviors and improve the delivery of health care services, as well as to better understand the impact of health care on reducing poverty.


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Health Sector

The Urban Services Initiative seeks to identify and evaluate innovative methods designed to improve the health and welfare of the urban poor in Africa and Asia.

The U.S. Health Care Delivery Initiative encourages randomized evaluations of strategies to make health care delivery in the United States more efficient and more effective.


When Should Governments Subsidize Health? The Case of Mass Deworming

This paper reviews well-identified research on mass school-based deworming interventions in a variety of contexts, including Kenya, Uganda, and the southern United States. The existing evidence...

Using Randomized Evaluations to Improve the Efficiency of U.S. Health Care Delivery

In this review paper, J-PAL North America Scientific Director Amy Finkelstein (MIT) and Sarah Taubman (J-PAL, MIT) suggest ways to enhance the feasibility and impact of conducting randomized...

Responding to Risk: HIV Prevention and Male Circumcision

In rural Malawi, providing information about voluntary medical male circumcision and HIV transmission risk reduced risky sexual behavior among uncircumcised men, but did not increase take-up of...

Installed directly at community water sources, chlorine dispensers provide a visual reminder to use chlorine and are calibrated to deliver a precise dose of chlorine solution to treat the most commonly used water transport containers.

Chlorine dispensers at community sources provide safe water in Kenya, Malawi, and Uganda

Chlorine dispensers installed at community water sources are a low-cost technology used to treat water for consumption.

The Impact of Cognitive Stimulation and Nutritional Supplements on Early Childhood Development in Colombia

Researchers evaluated two early childhood development interventions at scale that trained mothers to provide their children aged 1–2 with psychosocial stimulation, micronutrients, or both....

Jessica Cohen

Jessica Cohen is Assistant Professor of Global Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her research interests include evaluation of maternal and child health programs and policies in sub-...

Health care provider distributing free insecticide-treated bednet to mother who just delivered baby at clinic, Kenya.

Pricing Preventive Health Products

Charging even very small user fees sharply limits access to preventive health care. Though charging small fees is promoted for many reasons, several experiments in different countries found very...

After the Transfers Stop

Cash transfers directed to female caregivers in Nicaragua led to gains in child-development outcomes that persisted beyond the duration of the program.