American Music Reviews "Treasures III:
Social Issues in American Film, 1900-1934" 
Music curated by Martin Marks

American Music
Volume 27, Number 3, Fall 2009

Reviewed by
James M. Doering
Randolph-Macon College

In 2007 the National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF) released Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film, 1900–1934, a four-DVD box set featuring a cross-section of early twentieth-century social-issue films. The vast majority of the films included in Treasures III (thirty-nine of the forty-eight) date from the silent era, so naturally music assumed a significant role in the restoration process. Thirty-nine new scores were commissioned for the project, and these scores figure prominently in the viewing experience. For musical guidance, the NFPF turned to Martin Marks, Senior Lecturer in the School's Music section, a pioneer scholar and performer of silent-film accompaniment.  Marks is also the music curator for the two previous Treasures DVD projects.

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Martin Marks, Senior Lecturer, Music Section


Martin Marks