Alan Brody play, Small Infinities, opens in Bangalore

The Bangalore Little Theatre in partnership with Brigade Hospitality, presents "Small Infinities," a play about the life and work of Isaac Newton. Written by Professor Alan Brody, Professor of Theater Arts, and directed by Prakash Belawadi.  

January 7 -10, 2010
MLR Convention Cente, Brigade Millenium
JP Nagar 7th Phase

Two performances daily: 11:30 am and 7:30 pm
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Brody explores Isaac Newton in New Play
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Event Description from Bangalore Little Theater 
"Small Infinities" explores the life and paradox of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton is the father of modern science, yet he was also an alchemist and believed he had unearthed textual revelations in the scriptures—a genius with a medieval mind in the beginning of the modern age. The play traces his obsession with finding the unity of Gods design through science, alchemy, the Bible—and the human relationships he destroys in his quest. In the end he believes he has become the assassin of God and a failure.