Ian Condry named Associate Director of CMS 

CMS Director William Uricchio recently introduced Ian Condry, cultural anthropologist with a focus on contemporary Japan, as the new Associate Director of the Comparative Media Studies program.
Uricchio said, "Ian's work across a variety of media platforms (music and club scenes, anime, social networks and literature) and between cultures (particularly the US and Japan) fits CMS perfectly. Particularly in this time of transition for CMS, Ian's presence is vitally important."

"I'm delighted to have this opportunity to work with William, the CMS students, and the many affiliated faculty and staff at MIT on the rebuilding of the program," Condry said.

"CMS has already proven its importance in providing a space for invigorating and collaborative for research and teaching, as evidenced by the decade-long commitment to engaging with the ways media are reshaping the ways we learn, teach, work and play. The challenge now is to take advantage of the the program's strengths and to reach out across the Institute and beyond to expand the core of the program in a way that works towards a more sustainable future. I'm excited to be part of that effort. "

Director Uricchio added, "As a program, we still have challenges ahead, but with Ian's addition, the possibilities are both exciting and tangible."

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