Focus on Educating Leaders 

A recent story in The Boston Globe reports on the increasing focus at MIT on educating leaders — giving students opportunities to develop leadership thinking, experience, and skills.

The School has a strong role in leadership education at MIT: teaching communication skills, critical thinking, fluency in historical and cultural perspectives, and languages.  As The Boston Globe writes, this work is crucial to the mission of the Institute:  

"By training more engineering leaders, MIT will help the industry develop competitive products and, in turn, enable the United States to regain its technical edge... Young engineers should be trained to understand the needs of others and be able to motivate a team of diverse personalities. 'I don’t want to see talent and knowledge from MIT graduates going to waste because they don’t have the ability to lead a team,’’ said Vijay Umapathy, a senior majoring in electrical engineering and computer science."

Full Story at The Boston Globe