Noam Chomsky honored in Musical Tribute 
Music by Edward Manukyan

Friday January 22, 2010
7 - 9 pm
Kresge Auditorium (Building W16)
48 Massachusetts Avenue,
Cambridge, MA 02139

The linguist, philosopher, and School professor Noam Chomsky, who inspired the creation of several compositions by Edward Manukyan, was the spotlight of an MIT concert held on January 22, 2010, at Kresge Auditorium. Similar concerts will follow in New York and Texas, honoring James Watson and Steven Weinberg later next year.

Violinist Sarita Uranovsky will perform a piece for solo violin, dedicated to Noam Chomsky on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Soprano Lyndi Williams will perform songs on words by Prof. Chomsky, and there will be other performances of Manukyan's chamber works, along with speeches by noted scientists and speakers. For more information visit Edward Manukyan's website.